Reusable-Molds – specialises in finished live edge slab furniture. All of our furniture is made with single slabs, sourced from sustainable forests all over Europe. All the wood we use is fully stabilised, air dried for at least two years and then kiln dried, this being the most important process to ensure stability and longevity.

We use sustainably sourced and salvaged live edge wood slabs and give them a new life by casting them with an eco friendly epoxy resin to create a solid and unbreakable bond as well as making a completely unique feature to each piece of furniture.

☵ Reusable Epoxy Resin Molds

HDPE plastic is the perfect material for non-stick molds used for resin projects. Its non adhesive quality does away with the need to use any kind of release spray or duct tape. Furthermore, the molds are completely reusable. You can re-use the HDPE Molds, potentially, an infinite number of times.

☵ Kiln Dried Live Edge Olive Wood

Our Kiln Dried, Heat Sterilised Live Edge Olive wood has been sourced from sustainable forests in Andalucía, Spain. The trees, having come to an end of their natural life, are slowly kiln dried to a humidity of +/-9% to ensure stability and longevity of the piece. We are able to sand finish individual pieces to your requirements. Combined with epoxy resin, the olive wood is ideal for epoxy resin projects.

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